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Team Fuel offers integrated ship management services while specialising in the management of handysize and handymax bulk carriers. The company believes strongly in traditional hands-on control and in maintaining vessels to the highest standards.

The company’s objective is to offer first class transportation services while managing the vessels in the most efficient and cost effective manner.


Team Fuel, was established in Piraeus, Greece in 1998 and took management of its first vessel in 1999, the m/v Megaluck, a 1979 built general cargo vessel.

Over the next years the company became engaged exclusively in the management of handysize and handymax bulk carriers and to this day offers first class services out of its office in Chalandri.

The company has had an excellent track record throughout the different stages of the shipping cycles over the past twenty years thus gaining a solid reputation in the market, as well as allowing considerable negotiating power.


• Safety of the crew on board
• Maintaining a fleet of high quality vessels
• Minimising vessels' environmental impact, through strict adherence to all relevant regulations and constant raising of awareness of seafarers
• Use of modern technology in order to minimise operating costs and maximise operational efficiency
• Close supervision of managed vessels 
• Creating and maintaining a pool of high-quality seafarers 
• Constantly improving and keeping up to date with the developments in technology and regulations 
• Dynamic chartering strategy in order to adapt to the circumstances at each point in time


Intercargo - International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners
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Our team pursues and negotiates the employment for our vessels, focusing on the spot market world-wide in order to take advantage of the flexibility of our fleet of handies. Our efficient handling has attained us an excellent reputation, thus allowing us to form and maintain relationships with first class charterers.  



Our technical team ensures that our managed fleet’s hull, machinery and equipment are maintained at the highest standards, so that the vessels can attain their optimum performance. Our experienced superintendents provide continuous long-distance support to the vessels for technical matters, as well as frequent physical attendances. Through our company’s Planned Maintenance System we are able to  monitor and supervise the vessels’ requirements and ensure the most cost effective and efficient planning for the supply of spare parts.



Our operations team ensures the vessels’ smooth and seamless loading/ discharging operations at port, coordinating with the vessel, charterers, shippers, receivers and third parties. They continuously monitor the vessels’ performance ensuring that the appropriate standards are met, according to our clients’ requirements and the charter party obligations.  

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The crewing department is in charge of the selection and recruitment of fit, suitably qualified and competent seagoing personnel. The recruitment is carried out through a detailed selection process, while the seafarers’ development and familiarization is achieved through an extensive training program. We have successfully managed to maintain a high retention rate of capable officers and ratings, who are familiar with the company’s system and ethos and who are an integral part of the team.



Our safety team is in charge of monitoring the vessels’ and the company’s performance and ensuring that they meet the standards set by our company’s SMS, the requirements of the ISM, ISPS and MLC codes, as well as all the relevant international and regional regulations according to the vessels’ trade. They continuously monitor all HSQE issues onboard the vessels through constant communication with the vessels and frequent attendances and provide advice and procedures for ensuring the highest levels of operation.



Our purchasing team is responsible for arranging all the necessary supplies for our managed fleet, according to the vessels’ schedule and needs in the most practical and cost effective manner. They arrange the supply of provisions, stores, paints, spares, gases and lubes, ensuring that the vessels are supplied with high quality products at the lowest possible prices. They monitor closely the inventories in order to ensure that there are no shortages or oversupply of goods.



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